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Spring maintenance: A simple 4-point checklist to help protect your home


As a homeowner, you already have plenty to take care of your property. But there are tasks that are better done during certain times of the year, and spring is no exception.
Due to COVID-19 everyone following social distancing, so you have a lot of time to do spring cleaning you’ve always wanted to do.

Some maintenance tasks should be done in spring because they help in preparing your home for the season and the summer to come. Whatever the reason, tackling your spring maintenance task list will help you ensure your home is in optimal condition for months and years to come.

Here are four simple tips to help make exterior spring-cleaning a breeze this year:

Examine your property: Frozen ground can cause reposition in your landscaping and decks, which, if left neglected, can bring about exorbitant fixes and wounds.

Clean the gutters: Cleaning the gutters ensure that they work correctly. Use your hands to pull out debris and throw them on the ground where you can pick them up later—or put them directly into a bucket.

Inspect the roof: Replace missing or damaged shingles to prevent leaking roofs.

Investigate palings around your property: Ensure fences are still hefty and sealed properly to prevent injury and to help keep out trespasser from entering your yard, especially if you have a pool.

By following these supportive tips, you can recognize potential dangers to your home ahead of time and make action to help prevent increasingly serious harm to your home.

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