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Does your home insurance extend to cover dog related accidents?


It’s very common to see people have dogs and other pets in their homes and apartments these days. At some point, I am sure you’ve wondered as to what happens if the dog hurts someone? Does my Insurance cover it? We have the answer for you.

The answer is… yes, your home, condo or tenant policy will (most likely) have you covered if a dog hurts someone. These types of policies are referred to as “third-party liability coverages”. In simpler terms, it means these that you are protected in case you are held responsible for doing damage to someone else. This extends to your dog as well. In case your dog hurts an individual, the insurance company will cover the damages if you are considered guilt or liable for the incident. The person responsible for the dog bite is the owner (regardless of who the care taker was at the time the injury happened). There are always exceptions to the rule. For example, if your dog has a history of biting or is a breed that is considered “high-risk”, it might not be covered under the home insurance policy. In that case, you must contact your broker to make sure you have the adequate coverage.

If your dog has injured someone, report it to the home insurance company right away. It’s important to report right away because in case the person needs the treatment a few days later and not right away, you are going to need help from the insurer. It’s definitely very exciting to bring home a new puppy. Contact one of our brokers today if you have any questions regarding your home insurance policy coverage.


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