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Policy Payments

Your Coverage, Your Way!

All insurance premiums are due on the date the policy becomes effective when purchased through Aaxel insurance Brokers Ltd. You have a variety of options for paying your premium.

Please do not make any payments through our website if you have received a cancellation or payment notification from an insurance carrier; instead, pay your insurer directly. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the gateway for your insurance company. Please get in touch with your servicing broker if you need help.

Payment Options

Payment By Credit Card

Not available unless you pay an insurance company directly.

Payment with a Cheque

- Please make sure that Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd. is listed as the payee on your cheque.
- It is highly advised to send a certified cheque or Bank Drafts.
- Please note there will be a $100 fee for each insufficient fund (NSF)

Payment with E-Transfer

We can only accept electronic transfer if the payment is for:

1. Down-Payment for a policy that we bill you.
2. Down-Payment for a premium finance agreement that you signed through our office

Payment Process

Make payment as instructed to you by your servicing broker.

Email us ([email protected])the following payment once you have confirmation of payment from your bank:

- Policy Holder Name
- Customer Code
- Policy#
- Invoice #
- Servicing broker name
- Reason for your payment

Please be aware that unless we confirm in writing, the transfer of payment does not guarantee coverage or any change to the same.

Do Not make The Payment

Do not make the payment, if the payment is for:

1. NSF replacement and or
2. You received an invoice from an insurer.

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