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Why did the cost of your home insurance increase?


If you noticed your home insurance premium recently went up, however, you haven’t added anything to the property. Many different things could have contributed to this increase. We have listed some reasons why below.

If you live in an area where might incidents of violence have recently increased, chances are your home premiums will also increase. Insurance companies use a lot of data to predict the likelihood that your will make a home insurance claim and when the chances of you making a claim increases, so does the cost of your insurance. The same is true for severe weather events.

As more weather patterns change and things like flood, snowstorms, tornadoes become more common, the insurance companies also have to increase their premiums to account for this change. Aside from the weather and increase in violence in your area, there are certain things in your control that contribute to increase in premiums. Updating or renovating your house is important and also increases the price of the house but that also means you have to purchase additional home insurance.

Also, if you have made claims in the past and your claim history has changed, chances are you will have an additional charge for your premiums. In a nutshell, there are several reasons why Insurance premiums can increase and some are just not in your control. However, it’s important to be aware of these facts so when you do come across a chance, you are not caught off guard.

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