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For many Canadians who wish to travel or escape the snow or enjoy the winter weather at a ski resort, the holiday season is a popular time to travel. Before departing on your journey, take extra precautions due to the winter weather Here are some of the steps one can follow to travel safely in holidays:

  • Get your house ready for your absence. For comprehensive advice on keeping your house secure while you’re away, read our blog post on traveling.
    Before a long drive, have your car inspected or serviced. Keep in mind to refuel your windshield washer fluid and to pack an emergency kit for Travel.
  • Before you leave, check the weather forecast. In the winter, it’s common for flights to be cancelled and roads to be closed, so be aware of any changes to your schedule so you can prepare your Travel.
  • Avoid charging your smartphone in a charging station or public outlet because hackers can take your info. Your greatest solution will allow you to charge your phone numerous times: portable power banks for travel.
  • When travelling to the airport or to see family, allow extra time to account for the weather and road conditions. This holiday season, take your time, enjoy the travel, and don’t rush!
  • In order to make sure your coverage is still in effect while you are gone, don’t forget to discuss your travel plans with your broker before Traveling.
  • If you intend to be gone for longer than a few days, you might be obligated to have someone you trust check on your house occasionally before Traveling.

We at Aaxel Insurance Brokers always advise our clients to be ready for holiday season Travel, for more info or a quick quote kindly give us a call at 905-362-8080.

Author-Gurkirat Singh

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