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Useful Driving Tips for Winter


Every year, Canadians appear to be caught off guard by winter driving in Auto Insurance. Make this the year you are ready to handle whatever driving challenges the winter may present.

North America/Car Insurance Toronto experiences over 500,000 collisions and over 2,000 fatalities throughout the winter. Many of these collisions can be prevented. We have selected the best winter driving advice to keep you safe. Get suggestions on how to:

  • Get your car ready for the winter
  • Drive safely in the winter.
  • When the weather is wintery, drive carefully.
  • If you adhere to these recommendations, you will have a safe driving season.

Install Winter Tires

Winter tires beat all-season tires, according to all the tests. Using winter tires can increase your car’s stopping power by 35%. Additionally, they reduce your fuel consumption, and the majority of firms will give you discount on Auto Insurance for up to 20% on annual premium.

Car Maintenance

Your vehicle will suffer more damage in the cold winter weather. To make sure that it works well in the winter, fluids are filled, and everything is in top shape for the extreme weather, schedule a maintenance appointment with your mechanic. The healthier vehicle on roads will help us drive more safer on roads in Ontario. Car Insurance Toronto

Clear Snow off the vehicle before drive

The Ontario Highway Act specifies that you must be able to see out of both the front and side windows. Cleaning your windows makes driving considerably safer and increases visibility. Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep your lights clean so that you can see better and other cars can see you.

For you and other drivers, having too much snow on your car’s hood or top might be dangerous. If ice or snow falls off, visibility may be hampered, making it risky for nearby motorists. Prepare your car with scrapers and brushes before the weather turns severe.

Fill up winter windshield washer fluid

It’s important to regularly check and fill off your windshield washer fluid because driving with filthy windows is unsafe. Keeping extra washer fluid in your car is a smart idea. To avoid breaking down, always keep your gas tank full and make sure all of your fluids are full. Always have a full tank of gas to help prevent moisture buildup in the fuel system.

Keep a winter emergency kit in your car

When travelling in the winter, it is strongly advised that you maintain a winter survival kit in your car. If you become trapped in bad weather, having safety goods on hand can keep you warm and dry for Car Insurance Brampton

Included in an emergency auto pack should be:

Snowbrush, shovel, ice scraper, or cat litter can be used as traction aids and Jumper cables

We at Aaxel Insurance Brokers always advise our clients to be ready for winter and snow weather, for more info or a quick quote kindly give us a call at 905-362-8080.

Author-Gurkirat Singh

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