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Spring Cleaning Checklist


After a long winter there’s nothing better than throwing open all the windows and getting some fresh air into the house. Once energized by warm spring breezes, it’s time for you to get rid of all that winter clutter and dirt. It might seem like a lot of work at first, but you won’t be overwhelmed if you have a spring cleaning checklist.

In General

Set aside a week or two; knowing you won’t get everything done in a day is a more reasonable way to tackle a spring cleaning. Go through your home and make a list of what you want to accomplish. Decide if you want to clean thoroughly by room, or if you want to accomplish tasks. Also note those little areas you’ve been neglecting, like baseboards or dusting the bookshelves. Keep your trusty spring cleaning list around as you go. You may notice home repair projects as you go, like paint touch-ups or upholstery repairs.

Whether you’re going room-by-room, or task-by-task, working from the top down is a good rule to keep in mind. Dirt falls down, so if you do your floors first, you’ll wind up doing them again at the end.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

While every home is unique, the following spring cleaning chores are the most common. Since you’ll likely wind up doing most or all of these, this checklist is a good place to start.

Ceiling Fans and Lighting Fixtures: Remember our “start at the top” tip? Ceiling fans and light fixtures collect a lot of dust! Use daylight hours and don’t forget to turn them off before you begin. Most globes and bulbs can be washed with dish soap in the kitchen sink. Wipe fixed parts with a damp cloth. Try vacuuming the blades of the ceiling fan first to get the majority of dust off, then wipe with damp cloth. You may need a couple of passes.

Clutter: No matter how many rooms you have, you must first de-clutter your space, before you begin cleaning. Extra stuff will definitely get in your way. Try using four containers labelled “keep” “sell” “donate” and “garbage” to help pare down.

Clothing: Swap out the winter clothes in your closet for the spring and summer ones. Do a big load of laundry and/or dry cleaning trip, and then seal your winter clothes in vacuum bags if possible. Empty your drawers and closet and then clean the insides with a damp cloth. Inspect your clothing for damage and stains, as well as taking stock of the clothes you no longer wear or that no longer fit.

Appliance Check: Vacuum fridge coils. Clean the burner plates on the stove. Deep clean your oven. Remove all the lint out of your dryer. Even washing machines need cleaning. Check cords for wear and tear. And yes, it’s definitely time to clean under the fridge. Remember to read and follow the appliance manual’s instructions and warnings carefully before getting into checking and cleaning them.

Windows and Window Treatments: It’s an old standby but it works very well– vinegar in a spray bottle and newspaper will get your windows sparkling clean. As well, take this opportunity to dust, wash or dry-clean your blinds, curtains, or drapes. (Remember to remove hooks from the curtains and drapes!) Dust and wipe down the window casing and sills, as well as window hardware.

Beds and Bedding: A mattress should be turned and flipped every few months; in the case of pillow-top mattresses, just turn. Inspect your mattresses for damage and wear. If possible, steam clean your mattress, or at the very least, vacuum it. Clean your heavy quilts and duvets and store them away until winter.

Floors: If you’ve started at the top then by the time you get to this step you’re almost done! Make sure all your dusting is done then get out the vacuum. Pay special attention to those areas usually under furniture and in corners. For linoleum, tile, and laminate floors, a solution of 125ml white vinegar, 30ml dish soap, and 4L water is very effective for mopping. Carpets should be steam-cleaned.

Spring cleaning is your chance to make your old space feel fresh and new again. Now protect that happy space with a good home insurance plan. Aaxel has a plan that’s right for you. Get your free, no-obligation home insurance quote today!

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