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How to get your house ready for the fall and winter season


It’s that time of the year again, fall is very colourful and seems to go by very quickly. The days turn from cool to cold before you realize it. However, it’s important that you take this time to prepare for the weather ahead. I have listed 7 steps that you can take to make sure your home is ready for the winter.

    • It’s very important to have the downspouts and eavesthroughs cleaned as they are meant to direct rain water away from your home. Make sure no leaves or other debris is clogging the pipes. Fall is the right time to remove the debris, repair and replace any damaged sections.

Make sure the outdoor water supply is turned off and all the outside pipes are completely drained. If you have any irrigation systems, make sure to turn off that as well because it might ruin or cause problems in the winter.

  • Get the home furnace checked and make sure it’s ready for the winter season. Make sure to get it checked by a professional, replace any filters and clean any vents to make sure they are clear of any clogs or obstructions. Consider getting smart home systems which help save on energy.
  • Replace your carbon monoxide alarms if needed or change batteries accordingly. It’s very important to have working carbon monoxide alarms on each floor of the house.
  • Make sure the windows are sealed and no hot air is leaving the house. It’s a good idea to reseal the windows if you haven’t done so in a long time.
  • It’s also very important to have your roof in the right shape. It’s a good idea to get the roof checked by a professional to make sure it’s in good condition and doesn’t need to be replaced.
  • Cut the lawn and make sure it’s clean before the snow hits. As you get closer to the snow seasons, it’s important to cut the lawn one notch lower than usual so you can get a clear lawn.
  • If you are making changes to your house this fall, make sure to contact one of our brokers to make sure you have the coverage you need after your renovations.

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