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Home Insurance – Advice For Rental Property Owners


Consider renting your basement to supplement your retirement funds, taking in a student, or purchasing an investment or rental property. Here are things to consider before beginning.

Are you familiar with the local landlord-tenant laws

  • Become familiar with the provincial laws for your Rental Insurance
  • Do you possess a rental contract?

    • Prepare a detailed leasing agreement in accordance with your province’s legislation.
  • Do you know any professionals in maintenance?

    • Maintain a list of reliable repair providers that you can contact as needed.

  • Do you have a flexible timeline?

    • Your tenants are your clients, therefore they will demand a certain level of customer service from you.
    • Moreover, Provide your contact information and define what constitutes a “emergency” for you.
  • Your town or homeowners association may restrict your ability to become a landlord.

    • Check with the city hall in your area for municipal ordinances.
    • Furthermore, Check with the condo board for guidelines governing the renting of a unit or room if you own a condo (s).
  • Will it provide you with a reliable source of income?

    • Before deciding on a pricing, you should investigate comparable rental charges in your area and deduct your expenses to determine cash flow. Mortgage interest, property taxes, insurance, and utilities are examples of expenses.
    • Therefore, Include increases in utility expenditures, condo fees, and homeowners association fees in your budget. Also, do not assume you will gain tax benefits; be informed of what tax deductions you can and cannot claim.
  • Are you interested in renting to roommates?

    • If you have multiple tenants in the flat, you may want to give them a roommate agreement. It can facilitate conflict resolution and serve as a reminder that you expect them to maintain the living area. There are numerous pre-written contracts available online.
  • Do you have sufficient Rental Insurance?

    • Call us to examine your insurance policy, even if you’re only renting out a room for a month. We will assist you in understanding your policy, determine if you need to expand your liability, and explain how to reduce your premiums.
  • Your tenants are insured?

    • Inquiring about their tenants insurance can assist you initiate a discussion regarding the limits of your policy. Most first-time tenants are unaware that their landlord’s insurance policy may not cover their personal property.
  • Do you know what to do if a tenant is problematic?

    • It might take anywhere from three to twelve months to evict a tenant. This translates to months of missed rental income that you may never recover.
  • Reduce your risk by conducting a reference check on all prospective tenants.

    • Some tenants might be exceptionally resourceful when supplying background documents. It is advisable to request a comprehensive credit report, which is offered by a number of online credit reporting firms. In addition, you can request a criminal background check for more information.

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