Classic Car Insurance

If you own a Classic Car, you want to ensure your pride and joy is properly insured and protected. After all, there’s nothing better than taking your prize possession out for an afternoon cruise, on a beautiful sunny day. At Aaxel Insurance, we will review your needs, no matter how specific they are and then provide you with coverage to meet those needs. We are all about tailor-made policies, that ensure you, the client, can have peace of mind, knowing we are here to help around the clock.

Your regular auto insurance policy does not always cover Classic Cars, so let Aaxel guide you, to ensure your classic car, vintage car, antique car, or collector car is properly protected.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Insurance

Get straight and simple answers to all your insurance frequently asked questions. These FAQs were gathered from Canadian like you.

While both standard and classic insurance policies protect the driver and their vehicle in the event of an accident, classic car policies provide more comprehensive coverage for your higher valued and collector vehicles. These types of policies cover the vehicle for an amount that is agreed upon by the owner and the insurer.

Classic car insurance is designed to meet the specific needs of collector car ownership, which are often different compared to standard car ownership. In particular, classic car policies allow you to increase your coverage as the value of your car increases over time. Classic car policies often require that the car not be used as the primary driving vehicle.

Just like your regular vehicle, the minute you own a classic car, you are required to have insurance. It doesn’t matter how often you use it, or even if you just store it in the garage, you definitely need insurance, as soon as you pick up the keys to your classic ride.

In most cases, insurance policies for classic cars are almost always less expensive than your everyday standard auto insurance. Why you may ask? Lower costs are due to the fact that you typically drive your classic car less frequently than your standard vehicle and that you are more likely to keep your classic car sheltered and in mint condition.

You can start by completing our online quote form, for your classic car insurance.We will offer you a very affordable car insurance premium and the best possible coverage as per your needs. Typically, drivers need to meet some of the following criteria to qualify for classic car insurance:

  • – At least 30 years old
  • – Valid driver’s license
  • – A great driving record with at least five to ten years of experience
  • – Zero violation or at-fault accident in the past three years
  • – Store your car in a fully enclosed garage, carport, or storage facility
  • – Own and use another vehicle as your main source of transportation
  • – Own a vehicle that is in good condition

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