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Auto Theft Is On Rise


According to data gathered by price-comparison website HelloSafe, SUVs were involved in nearly half (45.1%) of private insurance company auto theft claims in Canada during 2021.

According to the research, around 22,500 automobiles will be stolen across the country in 2021, with the 2018 Lexus RX being the most popular make and model.

In 2021, private insurers will be responsible for $542 million in theft-related expenses. According to HelloSafe, auto theft cost Canadians a total of $1 billion in 2021, with the remaining $458 million going to police, prison and justice services, and victim health care.

According to the data, Alberta had the greatest rate of theft per capita, with 13.1 cars stolen per 100,000 inhabitants. Ontario is next, with 7.3 percent of the vote.

HelloSafe attributes the high SUV theft rate to the vehicle type’s growing popularity and added approximate 2021 theft totals by car type were:

  • SUVs – 10,140 (45.1%)
  • Sedans – 7,225 (31.2%)
  • Trucks – 4,580 (20.4%)
  • Vans – 540 (2.4%).

The increase in auto theft incidents is a pressing issue that affects communities nationwide. Understanding the reasons behind this surge is crucial for individuals looking to secure their vehicles effectively.

The Alarming Statistics

Unveiling the latest statistics on auto theft to shed light on the magnitude of the problem. Highlighting regions with the highest incidents and the types of vehicles most targeted.

Why the Uptick in Auto Theft?

Exploring the factors contributing to the rise in auto theft, including economic conditions, advancements in theft techniques, and the demand for stolen parts.

The Impact on Vehicle Owners

Discussing the emotional and financial toll auto theft takes on individuals. From insurance premiums to the irreplaceable sentimental value of a stolen vehicle.

Top Targets for Auto Thieves

Identifying the types of vehicles that are often targeted by thieves and the reasons behind their desirability.

Common Methods Employed by Thieves

Delving into the various techniques employed by auto thieves, from traditional methods to modern technological approaches.

The Role of Technology in Auto Theft

Examining how technology has both contributed to auto theft and can be leveraged to enhance vehicle security.

Protecting Your Vehicle: Practical Tips

Providing a comprehensive guide on safeguarding your vehicle, including investing in anti-theft devices, parking in well-lit areas, and being cautious with personal information.

The Importance of Comprehensive Insurance

Highlighting the significance of having comprehensive insurance coverage and understanding the terms related to auto theft.

Community Initiatives Against Auto Theft

Showcasing successful community-driven initiatives aimed at preventing auto theft and fostering a sense of collective responsibility.

Working with Law Enforcement

Offering insights into how individuals can collaborate with law enforcement to report suspicious activities and contribute to curbing auto theft.

Emerging Technologies in Vehicle Security

Exploring innovative technologies such as GPS tracking, smart keys, and immobilizers that can serve as powerful deterrents against auto theft.

The Aftermath of Auto Theft: What to Do

Guiding victims of auto theft through the necessary steps to take, from reporting the incident to working with law enforcement and insurance companies.

Auto Theft Prevention Programs

Discussing government and private initiatives focused on preventing auto theft and supporting affected individuals.


How common is auto theft, and is it increasing globally?

Auto theft rates vary, but in many regions, there has been a concerning global increase.

Do anti-theft devices really make a difference?

Yes, anti-theft devices can act as effective deterrents and significantly reduce the risk of auto theft.

Is there a specific time when auto theft is more likely to occur?

Auto theft can happen at any time, but certain periods, such as late at night, may pose a higher risk.

Can insurance cover the sentimental value of a stolen vehicle?

While insurance can provide financial compensation, the sentimental value of a stolen vehicle is irreplaceable.

Are there community programs to address auto theft?

Yes, many communities have initiated programs to raise awareness and actively prevent auto theft.


In conclusion, while the rise in auto theft is concerning, proactive measures can significantly reduce the risk. By staying informed, utilizing advanced security technologies, and actively participating in community efforts, vehicle owners can take a stand against auto theft.

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