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5 Truths and Myths about Personal Insurance


Personal insurance is essential for protecting yourself and your loved ones from financial hardship in the event of an unexpected event. However, with so many myths and misconceptions about personal insurance, it can be difficult to know what to believe. In this article, we’ll debunk five common myths about personal insurance and reveal the truth.

1. Myth: I don’t need personal insurance because I’m young and healthy.

Truth: Accidents and illnesses can happen to anyone, regardless of age or health.

Many young and healthy people assume that personal insurance is not necessary because they don’t expect to need it anytime soon. However, accidents and illnesses can strike at any time and being young and healthy doesn’t guarantee immunity. Personal insurance is designed to provide financial protection in the event of unexpected events, such as a serious illness, injury or disability.

2. Myth: My employer’s insurance policy covers me adequately.

Truth: Employer-provided insurance may not provide sufficient coverage for all situations.

Employer-provided insurance policies are typically designed to cover the basic needs of employees. However, they may not provide sufficient coverage for all situations, such as disability or long-term care. Additionally, these policies may not cover all employees, leaving some without insurance coverage.

3. Myth: Personal insurance is too expensive.

Truth: Personal insurance can be affordable and the cost varies depending on the type and amount of coverage.

While some personal insurance policies can be expensive, there are many affordable options available. The cost of personal insurance depends on the type and amount of coverage needed, as well as individual factors such as age, health and lifestyle. It is important to consider the potential financial impact of not having insurance and to choose a policy that provides adequate coverage at a price that is reasonable.

4. Myth: Insurance companies always deny claims.

Truth: Insurance companies want to provide coverage for valid claims and deny only fraudulent or invalid ones.

Insurance companies want to provide coverage for valid claims because it is their business to pay claims. Denying valid claims damages their reputation and may lead to legal action. However, they will deny fraudulent or invalid claims to prevent fraud and protect their business.

5. Myth: I don’t need to update my personal insurance policy.

Truth: It is important to review and update personal insurance policies regularly to ensure they still meet your needs.

Life changes and so do insurance needs. It is essential to review and update insurance policies regularly to ensure they still provide adequate coverage. For example, if you have had a child, you may need to increase your life insurance coverage. If you have acquired assets, you may need to adjust your homeowners or auto insurance policy to ensure that they are adequately covered.


Personal insurance is a crucial component of financial security, providing peace of mind in the event of an unexpected event. However, it is important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to insurance. By understanding these common myths and truths, you can make informed decisions about personal insurance coverage that will protect you and your loved ones.

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